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AITP Report

AITP Report

How does it work?

This service was created to help those who received a refusal from IRCC and currently do not have valid PR or Citizenship status in Canada to request ATIP report.

Our licensed immigration consultants will do it for you in 4 steps:

1. Request report on your behalf

2. Analyze immigration officer’s refusal reasons

3. Create personalized strategy to get an approval

4. Provide ongoing support during the whole resubmission process

Frequently asked Questions:

1. What is an ATIP report?

The Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Act allows people to request information contained in federal government records, including immigration officers’ electronic notes that they must take while processing your application and making a final decision. Not everyone is allowed to place an ATIP Request.

2. Who may request an ATIP report?

Under the control of Public Safety Canada, only the following people may place an ATIP report request:

  • Canadian citizens
  • Permanent residents of Canada
  • Persons present in Canada
  • Corporations registered in Canada

If you do not fall into any of the above-listed groups, immigration specialists can request this report for you, analyze it and build a strategy for your re-submission.

3. What are the Immigration Officer’s Electronic Notes?  

Officers enter their opinion about applications in GCMS – Global Case Management System, an IT system that IRCC officers use to store and manage immigration application files. In these notes, officers describe in detail why your immigration application was refused, based on which reasons, and what documents they reviewed. It is very valuable information, especially when it comes to preparing your application for a re-submission.

4. What is an ATIP Report Processing Time?

Usually, IRCC provides all the requested records, including the Immigration Officer’s electronic notes in four to eight weeks.

However, due to recent pandemic distractions and a massive backlog, the processing time might be longer. After we receive an ATIP report we require up to 2 weeks analyzing it and building a personalized strategy for your case.