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Super Visa

Super Visa

Super Visa is a visa that is issued to parents and grandparents which allows them to visit their children or grandchildren for up to 5 years at a time (upon their initial entry into Canada). This visa is for parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents.

The application process is very similar to a regular temporary resident visa with minor differences. There are certain requirements in which applicants will require:

  1. A letter of invitation from the child or grandchild residing in Canada
  2. Documents that prove the child or grandchild meets the Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) minimum
  3. Proof of parental relationship with the child or grandchild
  4. Proof of medical insurance coverage for at least 1 year with a Canadian insurance company

The complete application will be assessed with regard to a number of factors. The purpose of the visit to Canada will be examined, as well as whether parents or grandparents will maintain sufficient ties to their home country.