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PGP Invitation to Apply

Step by step instructions to apply

In case you’re invited to apply to support your folks and grandparents, there are 2 kinds of applications:

  • You should apply to turn into a support or sponsor
  • Your folks or grandparents must apply for permanent residency program.

The Federal Government should get your applications 60 days from the date of your invitation to apply.

There are 6 stages to apply to support your folks and grandparents.

  • Present the interest to support

The initial step to support your folks or grandparents is rounding out the enthusiasm to support structure. It’s accessible toward the start of the year temporarily. After the structure closes, Federal Government survey entries and expel copies.

  • Get an encouragement to present a total application

Federal Government welcomes potential sponsors to present a total application in a similar request online.

  • Get the application forms

To abstain from utilizing obsolete structures, don’t set up your application before you’re welcome to present a total application.

The application bundle incorporates the:

  • record agenda for you and the people you need to support
  • structures you and the people you need to support need to round out
  • guidance manual for assistance you and your relatives round out the structures accurately

Peruse the guide cautiously before you complete the application structure. The sponsorship application charge for preparing your structure can’t be discounted.


  • you’re qualified to support before you apply
  • you list all your relatives
  • all the data on your application is valid
  • your application is complete in all respects

Helping your folks and grandparents with their application process

On the off chance that you need to set up your folks’ and grandparents’ application for them. This would imply that you’d go about as their agent

  • keep an eye on their application status
  • You need to demand consent and furnish the correct structures with your application.
  • Discover acceptable duties as a sponsor or access your relatives’ data.
  • Pay your application expenses

By and large, your expenses will include:

  • Application expenses for you, the people you’re supporting and their dependants
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fee
  • the biometrics expense

You need to pay your expenses on the web.

  • Biometrics charge

Much of the time, you should pay a biometrics charge when you present your application. Else you may experience delays. The biometrics expense takes care of the expense of gathering fingerprints and a computerized photograph.

Other charges

Contingent upon your circumstance, you may need to pay outsiders for:

  • your restorative test
  • a police declaration

The guidance guide can enable you to comprehend which charges concern you and tell you the best way to pay them.

  • Present your application

The due date is indicated in your invitation to apply form. You may also approach Wow Immigration Services experts.

You may utilize a messenger, post, etc to present your application, in the event that you need to. You can likewise utilize snail mail.

Note- Government of Canada accepted 27,000 Interest to Sponsor Forms during a brief submission period on January 28, 2019.