Wow Immigration

Life in Canada

We apprehend that obtaining a Canada Immigration Visa is most effective the first step in your advancement to Canada. To assist you set up your self as a Canadian everlasting resident, we are able to provide the subsequent offerings to you.

Even earlier than you acquire your Canada Immigration (permanent resident) visa, you could get your self a Canadian process. Indeed. Obtaining a valid process provide in Canada might also assist you within the Canadian immigration system. As our customer, we are able to touch those employers who express interest in hiring you and provide an explanation for the process of hiring skills from abroad. Not most effective will locating this Canadian process help you to put together on your lifestyles in Canada, it’s also in all likelihood to get you to Canada quicker.

Prepare you in your arrival at a Canadian Port of Entry

Once you get hold of your Canada immigration visa, you’ll must enter Canada within a particular time frame. You may be interviewed via a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer before you’re authorised to enter Canada. We will suggest you about the documents that you’ll be wanting to have to your ownership. We will prepare you to your interview on the Canadian Port of Entry.

Explain your Canadian residency responsibilities

You might also lose your status as a Canadian permanent resident in case you do no longer meet your residency duties. We will propose you at the extraordinary methods of gratifying your Canadian Residency Obligations.

Advise you on Canadian citizenship

Canadian citizenship is voluntary and you will be eligible for it after three (quickly to be four) years of living in Canada with permanent resident popularity. There are many advantages to Canadian citizenship, and we offer good sized advice at the Canadian citizenship procedure.

There are many stuff you’ll need to organize to set up your new existence in Canada when you first arrive. The Wow Immigration Services experts will provide personalized Landing in Canada Guides for help.