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Federal Skilled Trades

Federal skilled Trades Class and Express Entry system

The Federal skilled Trades Class and Express Entry system is one of the three economic immigration programs offered by the Canadian government under the Express Entry system. Thus, to move and settle down in Canada, an online application profile must be created  and later stages need the Comprehensive Ranking system score. The better the score, the better the chances of getting permanent residency status for Canada.

This program requires a candidate to measure up to the minimum requirements for the following credentials

  • Language fluency
  • Full time Work experience
  • Educational credentials as per Canadian standards
  • Age
  • Adaptability factors
  • Offer of employment from Canadian employer

Federal skilled Trades Class scores

The Federal skilled Trades Class scores may be lower than the comprehensive ranking system scores than other options available to the wannabe immigrants to the Canadian lands. This can be partially attributed to the fact that the candidate needs to have lower educational credentials than those of others in the Express Entry process.

It is highly recommended to note that the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC Canada has specific program lead draw of lots for the Express Entry process. This is however meager of the total CRS scorecard requirements. Thus, a candidate having CRS of 199 can get prioritised on the basis of the above mentioned criteria.

The candidates seeking entry through this profile must not have any plans of settlement in Canadian province of Quebec. However, if a candidate seeks to be settled in Quebec only then an application for the Quebec Skilled Workers program must be made. This is because the province has its own immigration services. For more information about the Quebec Skilled Workers program or even the Federal skilled Trades Class or Express Entry process, consult with the Wow Immigration Services team and resolve all your queries instantly.

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