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Canada Federal Business/Investor Immigration

Various immigration programs in Canada aim at the economical development of Canada. They demand investors, innovative entrepreneurs and talented Self-employed workers with acute business skills from outside Canada.

The programs also aim to create fresh commercial opportunities and enhance access to the foreign markets by attracting individuals who are familiar with those markets and the desired requirements and customs of the markets. People with relevant business/managerial experience and high net worth may be eligible to apply for a Canada Immigration (permanent resident) Visa under one of the Canadian business immigration programs:

Entrepreneur Start-up Visa Program: Start-Up Visa Entrepreneurs must be willing to meet funding and support from a designated Canadian investment organization. Hence, they must have a plan for a decent business that could be established in Canada.

Self-Employed Persons Program: To be approved as a self-employed person, a candidate must be capable of supporting himself or herself and other dependents with the self-employed income as an athlete, farmer, or an artisan.

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