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File Review

File Review

Many applicants prepare and submit their applications without the help of an immigration consultant or lawyer. You can apply for permanent residence, work/study permit, PNP or visitor visa, without the assistance of an expert. There is no requirement to hire a consultant or lawyer to represent you in Canadian immigration application.

Often, applications are refused because of incomplete or erroneous documentation, or it was found that you were not actually eligible to apply, or because an IRCC officer was not satisfied that you would fulfill the conditions of the program. No matter the case, you presumably do not want to make the same mistake again, or a completely new mistake altogether. This is where a Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer can help enormously.

If you want to do the entire application process on your own, a professional review of your application is still beneficial to ensure that your application will not be refused or cancelled as incomplete because of missing/wrong information or an incorrect document being submitted.

If you have prepared your application, but would you like to make sure that everything complies with the program requirements of the Canadian government? We can assist you in the process with the file review service.

How it works?

1. Access to your application and documents

We will contact you requesting the documents those you have prepared for the application. You will be requested to provide your profile login information (My CIC or PNP) if application requires an electronic submission (all information is confidential and stored securely).

2. Initial review of the application and documents

Your documents and application will be reviewed comprehensively by one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

We will have a discussion with you either in person or over the phone if you are not near our office. We will advise you of the changes that should be made to your application and/or documents before it is submitted, and we will provide a written list of recommendations for you to make.

3. Final review of the application and documents

We will review (final review) your application and documents once you have made changes and/or corrections as per our recommendations.

4. Ask any questions

You will have the opportunity to ask your questions and/or concerns regarding your application during the review process. You can also ask any questions if the circumstances (e.g., change in employment, marital status etc.) changes after submission and you want to update your application.

We can you help in reviewing following types of application

  • Express Entry application
  • PR application
  • PNP application
  • Work Permit application
  • Open Work Permit application
  • Study Permit application
  • Spousal Sponsorship application
  • Parents & Grandparents Sponsorship application
  • Citizenship application

Our Fee

Type of application

                        Our Fee* (in CAD)

Principal Applicant

Include dependent spouse or common-law partner

Include dependent children/accompanying dependents

PR/PNP Application (express entry or paper based)




Spousal/Parents & Grandparents Sponsorship Application




Work Permit Application




Open Work Permit Application




Study Permit Application




Citizenship Application

400 per application

* 13% HST is not included

Who may benefit more from full representation than a file review?

  • Applicants having urgent deadline but have not started their application.
  • Applicants who are nervous about making a mistake on their application.
  • Applicants who find the immigration process confusing and prefer easy to understand instructions and guidance from a professional.
  • Applicants who think instructions are difficult and unclear on IRCC/PNP website.