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Quebec Skilled Worker

Quebec Skilled Workers Immigration Services Program

For international citizens interested in the Canadian province of Quebec, the Federal Skilled Workers program, they must intend on staying inside the province itself. This is because the Canadian province of Quebec runs its independent immigration system that is outside the preview of the IRCC or Federal economic immigration program.

Therefore, a skilled immigrant looking for work in Quebec has to undergo the Quebec Selection Certificate or Certificat de selection du Quebec or CSQ, under the category of Quebec Skilled Workers program or QSWP. For more information about the process of moving to Quebec or any other Canadian province, consult your Wow Immigration Services mentor.

 Immigration under Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Class or FSTC

Under the Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Class or FSTC program, the international citizens are invited to pursue permanent residency program through proficiency in skilled Trade.

The process of application

Foreign citizens seeking to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Trades Program must make an expression of interest under the Express Entry system. This process enables the immigrant rights to obtain permanent residency status. However, such an immigrant must possess a certificate of qualification or a valid Canadian employment certificate.

Eligibility criterion for the Federal Skilled Trades Program

In order to qualify for the Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program a candidate must possess the necessary abilities or the following credentials:
● A valid job offer specifying continuous and full time paid employment of at least 30 hours a week. This must be maximum from two Canadian employers. Such an offer be at least of one year
  • A certificate of qualification from either Canadian province or territory
  • The proof of language fluency from specific language testing agencies. This score must be beyond the Canadian Language Benchmark proficiency of 5 for both speaking and listening. The CLB score for reading and writing can be acceptable upto 4
  • Must have been associated full time for a period of 2 years and beyond in the skilled Trade before making the application.
  • Must possess valid credentials in above regards
  • Also the candidate must be able to perform the skills necessary to prove the above claims

Important note – A certificate of qualification that attests the claim of the candidate and further proves that the candidate is qualified to work with the Canadian employer in a skilled trade category. By possession of such a certificate, the candidate prove that their claim of the category is fulfilled. Likewise, the same states that the candidate has passed either the certificate degree or met the requirements necessary to practice their trade.

List of skilled workers eligible for the claim

The eligibility criterion for the Federal Skilled Trades Class is covered by the National occupational classification (NOC) register of the Canadian government. These include the following

  • Major Group 72 for industrial, electric and construction businesses
  • Major Group 73 for operation, equipment and maintenance class
  • Major Group 82 for technical and supervision profiles related to natural resources and agricultural production
  • Major Group 92 for processing, manufacturing and supplying supervisor and control staff
  • Minor group 632 for cooks and chefs
  • Minor group 633 for butchers and baking experts

The candidates seeking entry through this profile must not have any plans of settlement in Canadian province of Quebec. However, if a candidate seeks to be settled in Quebec only then an application for the Quebec Skilled Workers program must be made. This is because the province has its own immigration services.