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Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class Immigration program, or CEC for short, is an important Immigration opportunity for international workers looking for entry into the Canadian job market. Such international citizens may later gain access to the nation’s permanent residency program on the basis of their qualification for the eligibility criteria for such programs. 

Using their Canadian work experience as a stepping stone, these temporary workers working with any Canadian or provincial employer can seek out the permanent residency status of the country. To get more information about your eligibility for the above mentioned program, contact us at given contacts. CEC is an ideal and quick choice to get both work experience and settlement opportunity in the nation. 

CEC application process:

Canadian Experience Class category of the Immigration services, the applications are invited from Express Entry candidates for settlement in the nation. All such candidates must make an Expression of Interest in the Immigration process and subsequently received an Invitation to Apply from the federal government. Such candidates must possess all the requirements of the Express Entry program. 

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CEC prerequisites

The applications made under the system must fulfil all the important requirements of the Canadian Experience Class program (CEC) which include the following-

  • At Least one year of experience in the Skilled, professional or even technical trades from the country itself
  • Such experience must be within the last 36 months of the application date
  • However, for self employed candidates or those students having full time Educational credentials with fee assistance sufficient- work experience, the experience is not taken into consideration
  • Must possess minimum requirements for the Canadian Language Benchmark or CLB score of 5 or 7 (depending on the level of job the candidate is presently working on or wishes to pursue in the nation)
  • Must remain in the country or its provinces throughout the application process
  • Alternatively, a candidate who is no longer available in the country can also apply if such an application is made within three years of leaving their Canadian employer
  • All these candidates must plan to live and work with any province except for that of Quebec. 
  • For candidates with Quebec Work experience or willing to seek entry to Quebec province only, must apply for the Quebec Experience Class Immigration program separately. 

Canadian Experience Class Immigration program runs on a simple: pass or fail model. Thus, if a candidate fails to score the minimum requirements of the category, they will not be able to apply for the Express Entry program. 

International student graduates and CEC application eligibility criteria:

Alternatively, the international learners or graduates, Canadian Experience Class Immigration program offers quick and easy access to the permanent residency status.

Likewise, an international student of Canadian educational institution can opt for postgraduate work experience through the lucrative employment permit. If such a candidate obtains at least one year of work experience in the skilled, professional or even technical stream during this period, he/she may be eligible for entering into the Canadian Experience Class Immigration program. 

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Furthermore, the nation offers multiple entry avenues for assisting the best talent to enter into the nation. Hence, the Canadian Experience Class can be combined with the Provincial Nomination Programs to gain maximum advantage. 

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