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Employment Professionals in Canada

Our organization offers a full range of immigration services to people from around the world who want to live, work or study in Canada. With many years of experience, we have helped many people come to this country. Our experienced advisers look after all immigration, relocation and settlement needs. So, if you’re a hardworking, friendly and trustworthy person who wants to work with us to help people start a better life in Canada, we invite you to talk to us.
Our services include:

  • Employment Services – Canada admits over 100,000 people a year on Work Permits. Help job seekers find jobs in Canada. Help job seekers with Work Permits, settlement, permanent residence & more.

Prepare and produce professional video resumes so job seekers can use our
revolutionary video resume system to land a job. Help job seekers find jobs in Canada. Help job seekers with Work Permits, settlement, permanent
residence & more.

  • Professional Immigration – Canada to admit 250,000 workers a year. New rules enable skilled workers (with 67 points according to Canada’s selection system) to quickly get approved for permanent residence in less than one year!
  • Business Immigration Investors and entrepreneurs can quickly and easily immigrate to Canada using various immigration programs.
  • International Students We help international students find the right schools and the right programs and then we help them find jobs, Work Permits and obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Can You Recruit Workers to Fill Jobs in Canada?

Many Canadian employers have labour shortages, but we help them quickly find the qualified workers they need. We need to recruit high-quality workers to fill this growing demand. Together with our team of lawyers and other professionals we provide comprehensive employment, immigration and settlement services.

All you need is a professional office space to meet clients. We provide the
necessary training, equipment and proprietary software. Together we’ll help people start a better life in Canada.

High-Demand Workers in Canada:

  • Hospitality: cooks, servers, counter helper, hotel workers, restaurant managers, housekeepers
  • Healthcare: nurses, nannies, personal support workers, eldercare, disability care
  • Mining: miners, geologists, drillers, engineers
  • Oil & Gas: iron workers, steel erectors, welders, pipe fitters, boilermakers
  • Skilled Trades: carpenters, roofers, cabinetmakers, stone masons, mechanics & more

Join Our Team of Experienced Professionals:

Wow Immigration is looking to partner with reliable and trustworthy affiliates to help us offer our services across the globe. If this interests you, contact us for more information and we’ll set up a time to talk. We have a remarkable team of employment and immigration experts working together to provide a wide array of services. Together we offer outstanding business, immigration and employment services to people wishing to live, work, study or visit in Canada. Join the network and enjoy a rewarding career helping people start better lives.

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