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Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, Canada is one of the smallest provinces of the nation. These include the Prince Edward Island and several smaller isles.

About Prince Edward Island

Historically significant, the Prince Edward Island is also termed as the true birthplace of the nation. Post the 1864 Charlottetown conference, the nation came into existence. This island is renowned for its beautiful and scenic views and coast line. The economy is centered around agriculture and fishing apart from the core tourism industry. 

Through its Provincial nomination program, the island invites potential settlers to seek entry to the region. Both skills and Educational credentials are considered during the PEI PNP program. Later, such a candidate may receive the Prince Edward Island provincial nomination program and become eligible for the grant of permanent residency status of the island. Hence, the process undertakes applications from the following programs-

  • Express Entry scheme
  • Labour market demand and supply category
  • Business development category

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Prince Edward Island – PNP Express Entry program

Eligible candidates of the Express Entry program and who are further interested to settle in the scenic locales of the Island may apply for the PEI PNP nomination program under Express Entry scheme. Such candidates must be interested in work and settlement opportunity in the province.

Processing time

Usually a period of six months or even less is present in the process (only for the eligible international citizens).

However, the PEI- PNP program does not assure that the Express Entry applications will be accepted or even reviewed for the grant of Express Entry scheme. Likewise, only the international citizens possessing the best skill set required for the overall economic growth of the province will be given priority under the process. 

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Labour impact category

The Prince Edward Island accepts applications from eligible candidates who have the necessary abilities and experience required for the province’s labour market demands. Furthermore, the category comprises of three sub application processes, namely: 

  • Skilled Workers program

Under the category of Skilled Workers program, all such candidates who have been shortlisted by the Prince Edward Island based employer or employment agencies, can apply gaining entry into the province. Further, a candidate already working with the employer from the province, can seek benefit from this program. 

All such candidates must have relevant work experience (in skilled occupation) and must possess at least post secondary educational credentials or even degree or equivalent diploma. 

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  • Critical Skilled Workers program

In this category of Skilled Workers program, only the international citizens who have received the employment from the Prince Edward Island, Canada and are also working on the above mentioned position can receive the support of such employers for permanent residency program. Such applicants may be presently working as semi-skilled or skilled workers in the organisation. 

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  • International Graduate category

Using the help of the above mentioned Immigration Services, an international student from the accredited Prince Edward Island University and colleges with a valid job offer from a recognised employer can get permanent residency status. Eligible candidates must be recent graduates with a job offer in the skilled profession of their educational field. 

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  • Business Impact category

By taking advantage of this stream, an individual wishing to invest into the Prince Edward Island can gain settlement opportunity for the province. However, during the time of the application, all such applicants must have already started out Canadian workers and must train according to the business needs.