Wow Immigration

Starting Business in Canada

Starting a business in a new country comes with a vast number of steps. These are steps, which have to be not just taken but also prepared for in advance.

To support organizations and individuals in advancing their business to Canada, we offer unique expertise that blends diverse entrepreneurial experience, real business insight, and practical solutions.

Our clients achieve better results in the early stages of their business in Canada and venture as they get exposed to a multi-year experience of running and supporting various size organizations as well as being introduced to our network of professionals in various industries.

Legal Business Formation

The business formation impacts how your business will function.

Business Formation Types

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Co-operative

When our clients have to form a legal structure for their business our specialists, advice on options such as a sole proprietor, corporation, partnerships, and others, evaluating and choosing the best and most cost-effective option

Business Services

Some of the services our professional affiliates provide:

  • Accounting professionals – these include CPAs, Bookkeepers and CFOs.
  • Legal Professionals – Corporate, contract, employment lawyers
  • Technology professionals – Web developers, database administrators, back-end developers, network and cloud engineers.
  • Operation specialists – Logistic Companies, operation managers, and COOs
  • Marketing specialists – Branding, design, and marketing campaign professional and agencies.

This approach allows our clients to get to the next phase quicker thus achieving so important competitive advantage. We often help clients to avoid costly mistakes and wasted time.

We don’t only supply recommendations to our clients but work with them every step of the process.

We do the work together, reducing the stress and load on our clients and take pride and responsibility in what we do.

Business Development

We work with our clients to develop or improve their business idea and to ensure its viability on the North American market.

We provide our clients with always needed properly prepared business plans, investor decks, elevator pitches and other essential materials that we develop for them using years of multi-industry expertise.

We develop with our clients, metrics for analysis and statistics that drive strategy and support in planning the critical steps of the start-up business.

Start-ups have to execute multiple items simultaneously. We assist our clients in executing major critical steps in the early stages of the business.

Vendors and Partners Selection

Start-up businesses at the beginning of their way have to hire numerous vendors and establish a partnership with various organizations that provide critical supplies and services for the business. We use our network to provide our clients with reliable teams of vendors, suppliers, partners, and incubators. We ensure that our clients are protected and are never taken advantage in terms of price and agreements.

Incubators, Affiliations and Government Programs

For our clients that are looking to take advantage of programs offered by the government and business community, we offer business incubator selection, government program selection, and financing recourses matching.

We also provide our clients with services allowing them to apply for a temporary business visa to Canada.