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Canada is definitely a great choice for Entrepreneurs willing to introduce their career in Canadian Business Programs. There are enticing options too, select one of your requirements. 

    There are two major programs:

  • Quebec entrepreneur program is divided into two components. 
  • Component one deals with start-ups. Usually, start-ups are introduced with the help of accelerator or incubator in business. University in the province also supports them. 
  • Component two deals with business owned by designated businessmen who operate the business.

Steps to start an entrepreneurship  in Quebec Entrepreneur Program are determined by the MIDI (Ministere de L’Immigration, de la Diversité et de L’inclusion) as follows: 

  1. Entrepreneurs must be 18 years old or more.
  2. Entrepreneurs must submit a business project.
  3. They must be abided by the requirement programs of entrepreneurship.
  4. Then, after being assessed on their projects, they will have to attend an interview for selection.

The second option is:


For candidates who desire to settle in specific provinces, this is an option to focus on. Provincial Nominee Programs offer a varying range of Entrepreneur programs in Canada. 

Separate Provinces of Canada offer their respective programs for entrepreneurs. 

Yes, with varying provinces, the requirements and eligibility varies too. 

There are several Provincial Programs such as Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Program, Brunswick Entrepreneur Program and Ontario Entrepreneur Program.

Opportunities are never limited for successful applications. START-UP VISA Programs provide another priceless opportunity for innovative applicants to collaborate with private sectors. The private companies transfer guidance, expertise and funds to the applicants. Thus, they provide a very hassle-free opportunity for new entrepreneurs to operate their business in Canada. 

Opportunities count precious, contact us to know more about Business Immigration.