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How To Renew PR Card?

When Can You Apply For PR card renewal?

You should apply for a PR card renewal only in these cases:

1.    You didn’t receive a PR card within 180 days since you came to Canada;
2.    Your PR card has expired or will expire within the next 9 months;
3.    Your PR card is destroyed, lost, or stolen;
4.  You have changed your legal name and need to update the card.

PR Card Renewal Requirements and Eligibility

Renew a PR card, check if you meet the eligibility requirements:

1.  You must have the status of a permanent residence of Canada;
2.  You must submit your application from within Canada.

To be eligible for a PR Card renewal, you must be physically present in Canada for at least 730 days out of the five-year period. Exceptions may apply if the applicant:

1. Has been traveling with a Canadian citizen who is their spouse, common-law partner, or their parent; or
2. Has been employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business or in the federal public administration or the public service of a province; or
3. Was accompanying a permanent resident (who is their spouse, common-law partner, or their parent) that is employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business or in the federal public administration or the public service of a province.

If you are outside Canada, you must apply for a permanent resident travel document, and apply for a PR card when you come back to Canada.

PR Card Renewal Application

You must prepare an application package to get a PR card. The application package should contain a completed Application for a Permanent Resident card renewal, a document checklist, photocopies of your identification documents, and a copy of receipt confirming payment of fees.

In some cases, the application for PR Card renewal can be made on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds even though the permanent resident has not met the residency requirements.

The application is submitted from within Canada. Your physical presence in Canada is required when you submit your application and at the time you pick up your new PR Card from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) office.

PR Card Renewal Processing Time

The processing time for the renewal can take several weeks or even months. Consider renewing it ahead of time before its expiry if you wish to travel outside Canada.

If you need to travel outside of Canada for an emergency situation, but your card has already expired or the application for its renewal is still pending, there are ways to expedite the processing.

PR Card Renewal Fees

Currently, the government fee for PR card renewal is $50.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to renew a PR card?

PR card renewal may take from a few weeks to a few months. In general, it takes around 45 days.

Can the process of PR card renewal be accelerated?

Yes, the process can be accelerated if you are under pressing circumstances. The decision rests with the officer reviewing your application.

Should I send my old PR card when I apply for PR card renewal?

No, you do not have to do it. However, you are required to destroy your old card once you receive the new one.

My PR card expired, I applied for renewal, the card hasn’t arrived yet, but I need to leave the country urgently. What should I do?

If you need to leave, you will have to apply for a permanent resident travel document at a Canadian visa office abroad. You will collect your new PR card once you return to Canada.

To be eligible for PR card renewal, do I have to continuously live in Canada for two years? Can I leave the country?

You can leave Canada and come back. The two-year period is cumulative. You need to reside in Canada for 730 days out of a five year period.

When does my PR card expire?

Most PR cards are valid for five years. However, some may be valid for a year only. The expiry date should be written on your card.

Can my PR card be revoked?

Yes, PR card can be revoked if you are convicted of a crime and are under a removal order (a departure order or a deportation order). You can also lose your PR status if you haven’t met the residency requirement.