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The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is the Provincial nomination program for the province wherein potential Immigrants gain extra points for their relations in the province. Here the candidates possessing the best skill set for the province are selected for award of permanent residency program. Later, such candidates may seek Canadian settlement opportunity after approval of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC Canada. 

About Saskatchewan province

Saskatchewan is one of the fastest growing provinces of Canada. A large number of the settlers of the province are Immigrants from all over the World. This makes the province home to one of the most culturally diverse workforces. 

Further, the province is largely dependent on agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Its location and economy are all suited for the above mentioned profiles. Two widely populated areas are Saskatoon and Regina. The province also has lush green tropical forests. 

SINP categories

This provincial nomination program accepts Immigration from following categories: 

  • International Skilled Workers program
  • Saskatchewan Experience Class
  • Entrepreneur and Farm category

These categories have one or more subcategories. For more details on these Immigration Services, consult with your Wow Immigration Services mentor today. 

  •  International Skilled Workers program

Under this category, applications are invited for skilled workers who wish to settle and work in the Saskatchewan province. All such candidates have to be rated by a points based system and seek nomination for any of the below mentioned categories: 

  • International Skilled Workers – Employment offer category: This immigration service is for skilled workers having similar job offer from a valid Saskatchewan employer. For better understanding of the International Skilled Workers program of Employment offer, make an appointment with the Wow immigration services team. 
  • International Skilled Workers – Occupations in-demand: Using this subcategory Immigration program, individuals already seeking entry through the IRCC Canada run Express Entry profile and having valid work experience in the Occupations in-demand within Saskatchewan may be considered. It must be noted that Saskatchewan offers lucrative permanent residency programs that may be exactly right for you. To understand the eligibility criteria for selection, consult Wow Immigration expert panel of Saskatchewan Immigration.
  • International Skilled Workers – Saskatchewan Express Entry program: The Saskatchewan Express entry sub category is for international citizens already living in the province. 

This International Skilled Workers – Saskatchewan Express Entry program further comprises of three important sub application pool: 

  1. Existing Work Permit:  Using the opportunity of Existing work permit, international citizens already working with Saskatchewan employers for the last six months with a valid work permit can opt to settle in the province. For more information on the SINP program and Existing work permit settlement opportunity, email us. We will ensure that you gain a hassle free experience in Immigration and settlement in Canada. 
  1. Healthcare professionals: Under this category of SINP program, the province of Saskatchewan invites healthcare workers like nurses, doctors and physicians or similar service providers to settle down in the province. However, such a healthcare professional must have at least six months of work experience in the province itself. For better insight into the program and easy access to the Canadian permanent resident status, contact Wow Immigration experts. 
  1. Hospitality services and Professionals: This immigration program is for international citizens currently employed in the province of Saskatchewan Canada as servers, counter attendants, kitchen helpers, food and beverage attendants, housekeeping and laundry staff. Such a candidate must have been associated with the Saskatchewan employer for at least six months. Also, the employer needs to gain approval of the Province of Saskatchewan Canada before actually proceeding with the Canadian settlement agreement. To connect with us, drop off a call or email at our office contact numbers. We are best Canadian immigration and consultancy service providers. 

Long Haul truck driver Immigration Services

Another lucrative business and growth market emerges from the Saskatchewan run Long Haul truck driver Program. This category of Skilled Workers must be presently working with Saskatchewan based employer for the effectiveness of the application process for a period of six months.

Learn more about the lucrative employment opportunities in long haul trucking and subsequent settlement advantages from your Wow Immigration Services mentor. 


International learners who have recently completed their education program from a recognised post secondary institution of the nation can seek benefits of this program as well. It is mandatory for a candidate to have worked with a Saskatchewan based employer for a minimum of 24 months. Alternatively if the educational credentials have been obtained from a Saskatchewan based educational institution then this requirement is only for six months. Get more information about the student visa application process as well as a work permit from the best Canadian Immigration Services: Wow Immigration. 

Entrepreneurship and Farm category

For the business entrepreneurs and farming enthusiasts who wish to make a difference for the Saskatchewan Province through their innovative solutions, the Provincial nomination program carries the following criteria: 

  • Entrepreneurship development category

Under this sub-category of Immigration Services to Saskatchewan, a business or individual who wished to invest in the National growth using managerial skills and capital can establish, acquire or even gain partnership in a business of Saskatchewan. 

All the above mentioned candidates must undertake the responsibilities of management and leadership. This category is based on the formula for Expression of Interest. Hence, an interested candidate has to make a direct application for the above mentioned subject and seek the approval of the Provincial government. For the best guidance on the business Immigration to Canada, dial in the Wow immigration services! 

  • Farm owners and operators

In this case, the experienced farmers or farm hands with a considerable amount of money for investing in a farmland or farming operations can seek to settle down in the province. Such candidates must possess relevant experience in the farming operations and management to gain extra advantage in the Immigration program. To be the next able farming entrepreneur and gain an upper edge on economic development, consult the specialised mentors of Wow Immigration Services.