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Family Sponsorship

Canadian Family Class sponsorship

Many Canadian citizens and permanent residents have loved ones abroad that they wish they could bring to Canada. Keeping in view of this, the nation offers multiple entry avenues for the relatives of such Canadian nationals. All these are given umbrella term of Family Class Sponsorship. 

Family Class Sponsorship Category program highlights:

The Government of Canada offers one of the most lenient and generous offers to reunite the families. These categories display the extend the government of Canada is concerned in reuniting the families and caring for them. 

The nation further covers a large number of relationships under this umbrella term of Family Class Sponsorship Category. Likewise, the program allows relations of spouses and common law partners in bringing their relations closer to home. Similarly, grandparents and even step relations get considerable chance to reconsider the nation as their new home. Another important program of assisting the parents and grandparents in the Immigration process is using Super Visa opportunity. 

Canadian Multi-year Immigration Services

Canadian Federal government welcomes a huge number of Immigrants and their families through the economic migration as well as the family sponsorship programs especially in areas where local workforce is not adequate for meeting with the industry demands.

Explore the possibility of working and settling in the beautiful Canadian provinces through the lucrative Immigration options of Federal Government. Wow Immigration Services invites you to start a free assessment of your application for the above mentioned programs. Get in touch with us on given contact details. 

Family Class Immigration Programs

Different individuals have different needs to the Immigration process. Therefore, the Federal Government constantly changes its Immigration program to suit a wide set of Immigration needs. Canadian Government is especially oriented towards bringing families closer and giving the best to the nation in return. Hence, a few of the Immigration Services are listed below for your benefit:

  • Bringing the parents or grandparents to Canada

A number of methods are available from the Canadian Federal Government to bring in the parents and grandparents to the nation. One of these is Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship Category which however caps the number of such dependents immigrating to the Canadian lands. 

The sponsorship programs for Parents and Grandparents usually opens for a brief period of time. For the application, an expression of interest must be made by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident for his/her parents or grandparents. Such expressions of interest must be made as per the Canadian Interest to Sponsor Form. 

Alternatively, another program called the Super Visa Immigration Program comes to help these settlers.  Under this parents and grandparents can join their families on extended multi-entry visas ranging to a decade! 

 Irrespective of the above, it is important to ensure that the parents and grandparents meet the requirements stated by the Canadian Federal Government under their various Immigration Services. For all such details and help on the entry options for parents and grandparents, contact Wow Immigration Services mentors. 

  • Bringing spouse or common law partner to Canada

The Canadian government opens multiple avenues for families to join together in the nation. The federal government offers two choices for federal spousal sponsorship program which are 

  1. Inland sponsorship program
  2. Outland sponsorship program

Both the spousal sponsorship Programs are designed to help cater to the demands of Canadian permanent residents in securing a happy future with their partner. 

However it is important to note that such a spouse or common law partner meets the eligibility requirements for the above mentioned Immigration Programs. Similarly, the spouse or common law partner sponsoring such a person must fulfill the requirements laid down by the Canadian Federal Government from time to time. For better understanding of these requirements and Provincial Nomination Programs, contact your Wow Immigration Services mentor. Alternatively you can register for our Free Assessment Program and receive insight into your present application claim. 

  • Bringing a dependent child or step-child to Canada

Canadian Government lays down high emphasis on familial growth and success. Hence, a Canadian citizen or permanent resident status holder can invite the dependent child from another country to Canada, easily. A special program designed to help such cases is termed as the Canada’s Dependent Child Sponsorship Program.

However, like all the sponsorship programs under the family sponsorship program, this too requires that such a dependent child as well as the sponsoring parent meet the eligibility criteria for such a program. For more help on bringing dependent child to the Canadian lands and further settlement avenues, contact us today or opt for the free assessment process of existing Family Class Sponsorship application. 

Important information regarding the Family Class Sponsorship Program

It is quite possible that the province of Canada you wish to settle down in may change their present dependent Immigration Services or even the eligibility criteria for the sponsoring relatives. 

Alternatively, new addition to the Canadian Family Class Sponsorship Category is also made by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC Canada which makes the Immigration process more lucrative for the above mentioned dependents. Hence, we encourage you to adopt our free assessment services to understand your present eligibility and expected outcomes of the provincial nominee program you opt for. 

List of Canadian Family Class Sponsorship Programs: 

The list of available programs as on this date include-

  • Spouse or common law partner sponsorships – This immigration services help you with sponsoring the eligible spouse or common law partner to join in the nation.
  • Parents and Grandparents Family Class Sponsorship Category – This immigration program allows an eligible Canadian citizen or permanent residency status holder to bring in to the nation, their parents and grandparents. 
  • Parents and Grandparents Supervisa process – Designed especially in cases where the above mentioned process is exhausted. In this case, such parents and grandparents can receive a multiple entry visa for a period of 10 years or even less. 
  • Dependent child Sponsorship Program- Here an eligible Canadian citizen or permanent residency status Holder can bring his or her dependent, step and even adopted children in the nation.

Important Note: The Canadian Family Class Sponsorship Program is undoubtedly a lucrative choice for bringing your family together in the country. However, there exist few formalities and eligibility criteria for minimum requirements for income as well as financial support for such candidates. 

For more information on the Family Class Sponsorship Programs as well as the Sponsorship Fees, Processing time and application eligibility, opt for an appointment with the Wow Immigration Services experts today.