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Obtain A Canada Work Permit

To work in Canada requires a work permit for the worker. In this procedure, the Canadian employer must send an offer letter of employment to the candidate. It is then that the worker is given a temporary work permit. There are several steps involved in this process. A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) might also be required to enter Canada. 

Here we have the steps elucidated: 

1st Step: The Employer Applies for LMIA, if needed: 

First, let’s have a glimpse of conditions which can exempt the requirement of LMIA-

  • The worker has a NAFTA, ICT, or GTS etc. Work permits. 
  • Reciprocal Agreement between Canadian provinces and the country of the worker. 
  • Spouses/ Common law partners work permit or study permit holders do not require LMIAs. 
  • In the academic interest of International students studying in Canada , called CO-OP PLACEMENTS. 

If the candidate fails to secure any one or other such condition, he or she will have to have the employer apply for an LMIA. LABOUR MARKET IMPACT ASSESSMENT will judge the impact of hiring a temporary foreign worker by the employer, on Canadian labour market. 

If a Canadian candidate or worker is available to fill the position of the job, foreign workers do not get the permission to work in the same position. In other words, ESDC ( Employment Social Development Canada) always grants priority to Canadian workers over foreign workers. 

2nd Step: The Employer provides temporary job offer-

 Once, the LMIA of the Employer is granted by ESDC, the employer offers the job formally to the worker. The foreign worker must receive the temporary job offer letter and a copy of POSITIVE LMIA.

3rd Step: The foreign worker applies for a work permit. 

With the documents mentioned above, the foreign worker applies for a work permit to ESDC. 

4th Step: CBSA issues temporary work permit. 

An officer from Canada Border Services Agency, will issue the temporary work permit for the worker, once the worker arrives in Canada. 

Usually, work permits are always temporary in nature, but they can certainly be extended by the employers. 

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