Wow Immigration

Residency Obligations

Canadian permanent residents should meet sure residency obligations or they will lose their permanent resident standing. 2 years of “residency days” should be accumulated in each five-year amount. Residency days needn’t be consecutive and will be accumulated within or perhaps outside Canada within the following ways:

Inside Canada:
By physical presence
Outside Canada:
By related to a spouse/common-law partner World Health Organization could be a Canadian national, or
As a toddler related to a parent, or
By employment on a full-time basis with a Canadian enterprise or the general public Service of Canada, or
By related to a Canadian permanent resident World Health Organization is outside Canada and who is used on a full-time basis by a Canadian enterprise or the general public Service of Canada because the employee’s spouse/common-law partner or kid.

Canadian permanent residents World Health Organization commit to come in Canada by business organisation (plane, train, bus, boat) can have to be compelled to show their Canadian Permanent Resident Card or Temporary Travel Document before boarding.

Canadian citizenship is voluntary and will be applied for when 3 (soon to be four) years of residence in Canada.

Canada acknowledges multiple citizenship.