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Hiring Foreign Workers

No matter what the occupation is, it is always important to have capable and talented employees forming pillars of the entire Empire! The best rooted employees can always transfer the best support to your company. However, not essentially you will find these talented workers within your boundaries. You will have to have open arms for international talents as well! Here are the basic steps that you need to follow to hire foreign skilled workers: 

  1. Employer Needs to Apply for LMIA: LMIA is a document issued and approved by EMPLOYMENT SOCIAL AND DEVELOPMENT CANADA, it is used to assess the impact of hiring a temporary foreign worker (TFW) , on Canadian labour market. The impact should be positive or neutral on the Canadian labour market for ESDC to approve the LMIA. However, candidates having NAFTA, ICT, GTS and other such special working permits do not require an LMIA work permit. 

ESDC counts following facts to assess the approval: 

  • Whether or not the Canadian employer made serious efforts to publish the job  vacancy within Canada?
  • If there are Canadian workers available for the position with required qualification, hiring foreign workers is not allowed. 
  • Thirdly, working conditions and salary of the TFW should be in harmony with the Canadian workers for the same job and position of that area. 

2.  The Employer Offers the Job to the Foreign worker with the copy of a Positive LMIA. The employer thus, hires a foreign worker after receiving a positive LMIA. 

3. The Foreign Worker Applies for Temporary Work Permit. The worker  applies for a Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a work permit. 

Temporary Residency Visa (TRV) might also be required. 

In some cases the foreign workers might be asked to go through some Medical Exams. 

Finally, after receiving the work permit the TFW is free to work under a specified Employer and in a specific position. 

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