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Most of the BC PNP streams are managed under Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) system. SIRS is an intake management system that allows British Columbia to select candidates for Provincial Nomination according to scores. Potential applicants are first required to register a profile and provide their information relating to their job offer in BC, work experience, language ability, and level of education. The SIRS work on an expression of interest/invitation to apply basis, whereby registered candidates are assigned a score (out of 200), and the BC government conducts periodic draws in which candidates who meet the cut-off threshold for their category in that draw are invited to apply for a provincial nomination.

Points are calculated based on the information provided by the client.

Selection FactorPoints
Occupation(Skill Level of the Job Offer)Maximum 25 points
Annual wage for job offer in BCMaximum 50 points
Regional District of EmploymentMaximum 10 points
OccupationMaximum 15 points
1 year of directly related work experience in Canada.Maximum 10 points
Highest level of educationMaximum 17 points
Language PointsMaximum 30 points