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Open Work Permits

An Open Work Permit , as the name suggests, is a document that certifies your eligibility to work in any place, with any employer, at any position and that too without an LMIA! 

However, there are two types of Open Work Permits:

UNRESTRICTED WORK PERMIT opens bars for you to work in any position, under any employer and in any place without restrictions. However, the candidates need to go through a Medical Test for Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada. 

OCCUPATION RESTRICTED OPEN WORK PERMIT, here, the person is open to work under any employer but, the work and the position is definitely restricted or specified.

Basically, Occupation Restricted Open Work Permit is for people who don’t pass the Medical Exam for TFW. 

These candidates are not trusted to work in CHILD CARE, PRIMARY OR SECONDARY SCHOOL AND HEALTH SERVICES. 

If the foreign national is from a country where Medical Exams are required, the candidate will not be assigned FARMING job. 

Are you Eligible for an Open Work Permit?

Assess your eligibility with the help of the following points which denote criteria of eligibility for Open Work Permit.

  •  Spouses or common Law Partners of some international students and TFWs. 
  • International students who have completed their graduation from a designated Canadian program of study.  
  • Candidates who have applied for the Permanent Residency through the INLAND SPOUSAL SPONSORSHIP.
  • Youths who have participated in programs of INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE CANADA. 
  • Refugees, Refugee Claimants,and protected persons.

However, these are different criteria and the actual eligibility process varies according to the criteria you fall into. 

Perks of having an OPEN WORK PERMIT:

  • Freedom of locomotion within Canada.
  • Freedom of place and position of work.
  • Freedom of selecting employers to work with or under them.
  • Improving eligibility for Canadian Permanent Residency.

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