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The Yukon Nomination Program (YNP) is designed to be the best Provincial nomination program of the nation and is specifically designed for the Province of Same name.

About Yukon province

Sityared to the Northwest of the nation, Yukon has rich legacy. This is partially because of the huge Klondike gold coast rush in the late 1800s. Despite having a great legacy, Yukon has roughly 30000 residents with the capital city of Whitehorse seeing the maximum number of people. Like most of the Northwest Territories, Yukon has tourism and mining industry as its main source of income and economic development.

The PNP program

Yukon Nominee program invites the potential Immigrants from all over the world having experience in any relevant job opportunities offered by the organisations of the province. Such candidates receive the Yukon Provincial nomination certificate from the province which is useful for application process for the Canadian permanent resident status. 

Yukon Nomination Program has further subcategories of the nomination programs-

  • Yukon Express Entry or YEE scheme
  • Yukon Skilled Workers program
  • Critical Impact Workers program
  • Business Nominee program

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  • Yukon Express Entry profile or YEE scheme

Express Entry program for Yukon is a lucrative choice for settling down to the growing demands of the province. YEE further increases the chances of YNP as it carries enhanced allocations apart from the usual Express Entry program of the national federal immigration program. Yukon employers unable to meet the demand of their respective sector can seek out to the Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship run Express Entry programs potential applicants.

This is amazing news for the potential settlers who get to be selected by the Canadian employers especially from Yukon and increase chances of gaining permanent residency status in the immediate future. This is also important for the employees as the Employment offer hence received would be full time and validated by the Canadian federal government. Increase your chances of getting the Express Entry nomination through the guidance and mentoring sessions of Wow Immigration Services. 

  • Yukon Critical Impact Workers program

Using this process, employers based in Yukon help sponsor their potential employees to settle down in the province. Such candidates may be selected for their work experience in a semi-skilled or unskilled profession in a high demand industry or profession of Yukon. Thus, to take best advantage of this program, the citizen must possess a valid job offer from a Yukon employer. Further, the candidate is not necessarily be present in the province during the time of application process. 

Yukon Critical Impact Workers program is an excellent opportunity for me experienced class workers looking for further opportunities abroad. For more details contact: Wow Immigration Services, the best Canadian Immigration consultants. 

  •  Yukon Business Nominee program

Yukon, like all other provinces of Canada, welcomes young entrepreneurs to further their aspirations and assist the province in economic development

However, such candidates must possess business development experience or have a good track record of leading one to success. Alternatively, an international business leader can opt to partner with a Yukon based organisation or must be willing to purchase and operate an existing business of the province with their expertise and leadership skills. The eligible candidates are required to make huge financial contribution to the Yukon business development plans. 

A large number of business development opportunities are available for this position. For more details on Yukon business Nominee program or starting a new business venture in the province, contact Wow Immigration Services experts!