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Settling in Canada – permanently

Canadians are pleased with their citizenship and also the standing rights, and freedom that it provides.
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the federal office that manages Canadian citizenship: for those applying for votership and for current Canadian citizens.

Canadian Citizenship Calculator
Recent changes mean that you simply are ready to apply for Canadian citizenship now.

Canadian Citizenship Eligibility –
A Canadian migrator could apply for Canadian Citizenship once he/she crosses a minimum of 3 years in Canada as a permanent resident. Does one meet the necessities for Canadian citizenship? Contact Wow Immigration Services, today!

Applying for Canadian Citizenship
You will got to satisfy many eligibilities to submit a Canadian citizenship application. Learn a lot of regarding the method from our team.

Rights and Responsibilities of Canadian voters
Canadian permanent residents get pleasure from several, however not all, of the rights of Canadian voters.