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IT Workers

Professionals who are trained in IT/ Tech Industry have a range of options to work throughout the world. Great opportunities and attractive offers are a part of this ocean of endless possibilities. Canadian employers are eagerly looking for foreign nationals to fill this position. Cool isn’t it? So let’s check what are the routes accessible:

  • LMIA work permit: LABOUR MARKET IMPACT ASSESSMENT, Formerly called LMO, i.e. Labour Market Opinion; LMIA WORK PERMIT assesses the impact of hiring foreign workers on the Canadian labour market. The priority is obviously given to Canadian labourers over foreign workers. Usually, many Canadians are available to fill the position being offered to a foreign labour.

However, for IT/ Tech Industry workers, obtaining an LMIA work permit is a comparatively smooth work. The reason being, shortage of skilled Canadian IT/ Tech Industry workers. Moreover , IT is a vast field which has enormous opportunities.

  • NAFTA: NORTH AMERICAN FREE TRADE AGREEMENT  or NAFTA is for individuals who have American or Mexican citizenship. For candidates who secure NAFTA work permit, LMIA work permit is exempted. So, it makes the workers fortunate enough to be hired more easily by the employers and get access to the actual work permit.
  • ICT: Well, this variety of work permit is very advantageous for IT workers. For IT companies, it is very common to have divisions in several parts of the world with a pronounced number of vacancies for IT workers. So, IT workers having INTRA-COMPANY TRANSFERS work permit are exempt from LMIA work permit requirement.
  • Another, very common option which is available for Temporary Foreign Workers or IT workers in Canada is the route to enter Canada as a BUSINESS VISITOR.

There are a few categories like After-Sales service, Guest speakers, and Trainers which allow foreign workers to travel to Canada without a work permit.

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