Wow Immigration



Business in Canada brings a range of new opportunities and enticing offers! The advantages are many!

  • Canada is looking forward to welcoming foreign nationals who possess acute  business skills and could invest in the Canadian Economy.
  • Entrepreneurs, skilled business people, and innovative minds are absolutely having a great future in Canada’s business grounds.
  • Business programs of Canada aim to promote the Canadian Job Market, thereby boosting the Canadian Economy and Foreign Markets.

Available Business Programs include:

  1. Investor Immigration- For people with available Venture Capital, this is definitely a suitable option.
  2. Entrepreneur Immigration- Skilled Entrepreneurs with business management acumen are welcomed through this program.
  3. Self- Employed Immigrations- Talented and innovative people can certainly pave their grounds here, through the program if they are good to go self-employed with previous experiences.
  4. Start-Up Visa Programs- People with Out of the Box approach in Business, extraordinary ideas can gain funds and support from designated business institutions through this program.
  5. Provincial Nominee Programs- PNPs are for those who are selective about their business place. Different provinces of Canada have differing programs.

Opportunities count precious, contact us to know more about Business Immigration.